... dance music or fascinating pop tunes, hearty heavy metal or passionate soul. With its strength, music is a powerful source and capable of provoking profound emotions. Great compositions and delicate arrangements are the basis for fantastic voices and pulsating rhythms to reveal the innermost feelings of people. Music can enchant and is capable of generating feeling of togetherness. It has the power to establish connections.

However today almost nothing is possible without cutting edge technology. This has to be taken into account by a modern production company. Yet we also believe that technology is not everything. Only a return to true values, such as the combination of state of the art technology and experience, professional competence and an eye for detail, allow for results far beyond the standard productions. Following the lines of the well-known 80/20 rule* and the Japanese KAIZEN-Philosophy our own outlook at the Sound Hacienda is a form of advancement by continuously learning and persistently enhancing our methods and content.

Are you in need of a professional musical arrangement or sound design? Are you on the lookout for song titles or spoken text? Or are you interested in a modern audio book production? The Sound Hacienda, a network of freelance composers, musicians, sound designers and lyricists, develops and works on your individual proposals. No matter how challenging your undertaking, our motivation and desire to find an individual solution will create a coherent overall concept and impressive interplay of sounds.

Be confident and critical when choosing your service provider and even in times of modern compression methods attach importance to the best possible quality of sound during musical recordings and processing. Especially when working with musicians and bands, the collaboration between the musicians and the production team is a key factor in successful recording. Let yourself be carried away by our passion for creating multimedia productions and enthuse your target group with recordings of exquisite quality. We are here to help you. An overview of some of our work can be found in the Projects section. 
Illustrative Music/Soundtracks
Looked at basically the idea of composing sound for picture usually refers to the creative craft process of editing and mixing acoustic elements such as dialogues, effects, sounds, tonal surfaces, music and synchronisation to given images. However it is more accurate to say that everything is focused on creating great sounds for grand images. If done correctly the musical scores and soundtracks can underline if not excel the given visual footage.
Sound Design/Acoustic Brand Management
Develop a unique brand with your own corporate sound and maintain a high recognition value with your acoustic branding. In step with actual practice it has been found that the use of smooth transitions between sound branding, sound design and logo sound design are highly effective and successful in creating a recognizable an individual experience. We are looking forward to provide advice, simply address us.
Voice Recording/Audio book Productions
Individual voice recordings and wonderful texts will bring light to the eyes of your clients and guests. Would you like to create your own radio play or audio book productions? No problem for us. When working with us it is even possible to comfortably carry out voice recordings in your own premises. Ask us!
*80/20 Rule:
Also known as the Pareto Principle states that for a majority of the events 20 % commitment result in a possible quality of 80%. In order to achieve the final and missing 20% you have to 80% committed.